Me and my friends absolutely love the fantasy genre. We think its incredible that people can craft believable worlds in our minds and hearts. In HackHershey, we wanted to create a world of our own. This is how we decided to make CaveExplorer.exe, a fantasy inspired game that we can call our own. We took inspiration from the greats, like Dungeons and Dragons, to craft interesting characters and spooky enemies.

What it does

CaveExplorer.exe is a comprehensive fantasy experience. Right from the start, you can choose from a cast of diverse and intriguing characters. Then you immerse yourself in a fully realized fantasy world with a deep combat system and expansive history. Choose your moves wisely, or else the skeletons will exterminate your chosen hero. This quest takes 10 by 6 grid and is turn based. The objective is to defeat the skeletons.

How I built it

Our team worked tirelessly to bring you this epic quest. Our team anchor, Katherine, painstakingly hand drew all the assets provided in the game. Kevin, our team steering wheel, made sure that we were all on task. Danil, the team sails, helped us power through the tough times and roadblocks. And finally Nick, the team cannon, helped us shoot for the stars with his brilliant ideas. We collaborated using Google Docs, Visual Basic, and actually talking to each other to bring this project to life.

Challenges I ran into

Part of our team was very familiar with Visual Basic, but we still ran into some roadblocks. At first, we tried to work on Visual Basic using Live Share. This, unfortunately for us, was hard to manage and didn't quite work out for our team. We worked around this restriction and created separate programs to be combined at the end.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I think that we really developed well as a team over the course of the event, allowing us to be even more efficient than I envisioned. I believe that this was a major accomplishment and allowed us to really grow from this experience. I am also proud of my team for not giving up. When times got tough, my team stuck to it and pulled through to create a very polished product.

What I learned

I learned the value of teamwork through this exercise. Without my teammates support, I would have given up and gone home. I learned that coding can be a fun and enriching experience. We worked as a team to solve coding related problems and had a blast doing it.

What's next for CaveExplorer.exe

We would like to add on to the program. This program could be expanded upon by adding more wacky enemies and complex levels. After this happens, we could partner with Wizards Of The Coast and distribute this program across the country. This program could be an alternative to other famous fantasy games as it can be played single player. Overall, we would like as many people as possible to be able to experience the magic of this grand project.

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