Can you calculate how much is below in U.S. dollars as of now?

1.2 BTC + 20.22 LTC + 50.5 XRP + 20.0 XVG + 3000.0 IXT = ??? USD.

So it's difficult to have a clear grasp of crypto currency asset. It's not intuitive for us. Aside from that, AR can be used for intuitive awareness. By using this characteristic of AR, we would like to make crypto currency intuitive.

What it does

It converts your current asset into U.S. dollars virtually. So you can confirm your current asset as like real money.

How we built it

This is built by C# in Unity as an Android app. We use ARCore by Google to capture the real surface and put AR money on it.

What we learned

Difficulty to put AR object naturally.

This app is picked up in TechCrunch website.

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