Fires have been growing rapidly every year and thousands of acres are being burned. We wanted to create an application where people had quick access to see all of the fires that have happened and are currently happening to this very second. This planet is our home and prevent fires start with us. The first step is building awareness

What it does

Keeping is sweet and simple. Our application is easily accessible and gives users a visual representation on all the fires that have and still are occurring in the United States. We provided filters where users can also see areas with the most amount of acres burnt, the length of the fires, the cause, and the ones that are still ongoing to this very second.

How we built it

We decided to use React.js and Material-UI because they are both responsive and user friendly. Material-UI provides beautiful, yet simple components that make it very easy to work with React.js. We then used the OpenStreetMap to showcase fire location, Recharts API to show our data in graph format, and IRWIN API for United States Fire Data.

Challenges we ran into

Molding the different APIs to fit our project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It was our first time using OpenStreetMap and IRWIN API. We also have little experience when it comes to using Recharts API, but this project gave us the opportunity to become more familiar with all of that!

What we learned

The four of us met through a boot camp called Flatiron school. We graduated in December and as we are on the search for a full-time position, we wanted to continue our love for coding. Participating in Climate Hacks has been a joy because we are not only doing a project for a good cause, but we are learning a lot as a group. The biggest accomplishment we are proud to say is being able to work together in a short period of time. It meant communicating with each other more closely and being efficient with the time spent together. We used LucidCharts to build our goals and expectations for the project. Then we took the time to learn how to use Trello board to guide us through the process.

What's next for Causation of Fires in the United States

The website is great because of how quick users can see all of the fires in the US, but we want to take it to the next level! We hope to add more fires from previous years and to also include the fires that have occurred all over the world! We also hope to add more resources that provide easy access to fire safeties and precautions for users.

Built With

  • api-irwin
  • api-openstreetmap
  • api-recharts
  • material-ui
  • react.js
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