Bearwalk at UC Berkeley

How it works

A college student would request a buddy to walk with through catwalk. She will pick a location and a destination for her route. Then, she would have the opportunity to choose for the volunteered buddies who she would like to be accompanied to her destination. The buddies will have a profile picture, their full name and a 5 star rating. She will easily choose by a swiping tinder technique. When she chooses, she will get an Estimated Time when the buddy will arrive at her pickup location. Then after the catwalk is completed, she will rate and optional comment her catwalk experience.

Challenges I ran into

The challenges we rant into coming up with an idea. How to make it elegant, frictionless, safe, fun and compelling.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Meeting and working with a new girl in the same industry

What I learned

Removed friction, give control for security to the users.

What's next for Catwalk

Global, build communities, sms, spreading virally, twitter sms & widget tools so each community can communicate & drive the conversation around every catwalk stop @ without having to write a line of code! the Next 4BILLIONs users & $1 TRILLION Revenue Is REALLY COOL!

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