As a student we always faced the fear of waiting in a long line to be advised, and had to make appointments with advisers to speak about simple stuff. The CatVisor wanted to reduce all the unnecessary struggles of students. The less struggle you face the more you can study.

What it does

CatVisor is a friendly chatbot that serves as an automated advisor that greatly speeds up the general academic advising process, and helps NYU students construct meaningful educational plans down the line. Not only answer the information about the academic calendar, but we can also suggest the recommended classes and tracks based on a student's preference.

How I built it

Python, Flask, JavaScript, React.js, Dialogflow, Stellar API, GCP Compute Engine, Firebase, Heroku and NYU IT API

Challenges I ran into

Integrating all of the technologies we used. If we had the data of students, we could offer deeper functionalities.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Build a real web application! Not just a mock, we added the full functionality of chatbot, payment, and NLP/ML API integration. Finally, proud of contributing to something that can change the lives of students.

What I learned

A lot! How to build Restful API, develop React Frontend, deploy Server, and understand the Chatbot communication.

What's next for CatVisor

We want to improve the chatbot and also expand the scope of students that CatVisor can support.

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