CattlePotty is the sustainable solution to managing agricultural waste. Aside from reducing the adverse effects on the environment, it facilitates the harnessing of an underutilised resource - livestock urine. Born out of a goal to achieve a more sustainable world through technology and science, CattlePotty trains cows with wearable technology to urinate at certain locations with specialised urinating pens to collect their urine at a centralised location for further processing.

The wearable technology has sensors which communicate via Bluetooth in an Internet-of-Things set-up and allows for real-time analysis. The raindrop module is connected to the ESP32 on the vest, which is connected by Bluetooth to the feeder in the pen.

Incentives, like additional food and sugar water, would be dispensed to reward the cows for urinating in the correct places. The urine collected from all the urinating pens would be further processed and used for purposes like fertilisers and fuel. Pee for power!

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