Purpose: There are times where victims are unable to openly call for help and/or alert their loved ones because their offender is present and/or threatening them. By using this app, they can inconspicuously alert listed emergency contacts or call for help when they are being harassed or feel uneasy in their environment. kitties4u’s purpose is to allow users to have immediate access to help no matter what time or what place.

Inspiration: Dana’s mother was in a collision with another driver on the highway. The other driver insisted that she not call the police and did not provide a reason. Her mother was able to reach Dana and her brother who called the police for her.

Functionality: The app takes the appearance of a virtual pet game that displays animals of the user’s choice on the screen. Each “pet” represents a user’s emergency contact along with other “specialty cats” that contact the police and/or other emergency personnel. Up to 5 emergency contact kittens can be assigned based on the user’s preference. The user can choose to contact one of their emergency contacts depending on who they see fit for the situation.

The intended functions for our app is that when the user alerts an emergency contact, that emergency contact is notified via email. Using the mobile phone’s location services, the initial alert message provides a time stamp and location of the user. If anytime the user’s initial location changes, the emergency will be contacted every time there is a change by mile. In addition, if the user’s mobile phone ends up shutting down, the emergency contact will be alerted of that too with the time stamp and last location.

This app also implements Lyft’s API therefore one specialty cat allows the user to quickly request for a Lyft ride to get them out of danger as soon as possible. One cat is designated to alert the local police and another special cat alerts police and all the assigned emergency contacts. This special cat’s intention is to keep all the emergency contacts updated in the all-alert emergency. Therefore, when an emergency contact responds to an all-out alert, the other emergency contacts will be notified who and when that person responded so they know the emergency has been answered.

Team Members: Claire Durand (Hardware) Ankha Stanley (Back End/Hardware) Dana Joaquin (Mobile/Front End) Ngoc-Nhi “Vickie” Pham (Mobile/Front End/Graphic Design)

Hardware Used: Intel ® Edison Board

Software Used: Ionic Adobe Photoshop CS5 lyft API Git

Programming Languages: HTML CSS JavaScript Angular.JS

Lyft API: Documentation: https://developer.lyft.com/docs CLIENT_ID: FW91tNwx3d8Z CLIENT_SECRET: iZcV7PZ6M4lGKIONeACd2RwMQXlln6e9

Image Source: imgur: http://imgur.com/a/OEOSs, http://imgur.com/a/ep4dp, http://imgur.com/a/AMMLD

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