is a social bookmarking app that lets user collect, tag, and share tweets.

Discover human-curated tweets on relevant topics by following tags on

What it does

It’s a Chrome extension that let’s you collect, tag, and share tweets

Save tweets to your collection with one click.

Tag tweets so you can resurface them when they matter.

Search as you type at blazing speed. Search over your collection and your recent Twitter likes, bookmarks, and tweets. Your search results are always good because you handpicked them.

See tweets from your collection that you haven’t seen in awhile using the rediscovery feed.

Publish your collection so others can discover good tweets and witness your superior taste.

How we built it

Frontend: Svelte, Tailwind Backend: Firebase, Typesense

Challenges we ran into

Regularly fetching user’s latest tweets, likes and bookmarks was hard because we couldn’t afford the Activity API, so we had to create a complicated polling mechanism.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Everyone who tries Cats is surprised at how fast it is.

What we learned

To keep it simple.

What's next for

We want to grow a network where users can share and monetize Twitter curation.

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