During extended work hours, some people are not only worried about the boss in upstair office, but also the boss back home --- cats hate unpunctuality when it comes to food. As a responsible pet owner, you are concerned about your cat’s obesity and lack of exercise, so you followed the vet’s advice not to leave extra food in the bowl. However, this doesn’t seem to solve the problem. As known by everyone who has tried to lose weight, the importance of exercise could never be overstressed, but without a human to play with, your cat has mostly likely been curling up on the same spot in sofa for all day.

We would like to propose a solution system for working pet lovers. Bored by the work and missing your fur ball back home, you could turn on your smartphone to video chat your cat and watches what he is up to, and plug him out of sofa to play laser chasing by controlling a joystick sitting in your office. The camera is placed on a servo platform and the view tracks the cat’s movement with 4 passive infrared motion sensors. If it is too busy a day for you, simply turn on the “auto” mode. The laser pointer turret on a 2D servo platform would then generate random patterns to keep on the game. After cat’s favorite game, you could feed your cat by pressing a button next to the joystick, and the auto cat feeder designed with a Archimedes Screw would then dispense a controlled amount of food. Food level is monitored by an ultrasonic sensor mounted on top of food tank. When there is too little food left in the dispenser, a phone message would remind you to refill it afterwards.

In short, our design allows pet owners to enjoy the fun of playing with the cat even in the office, and at the same time, keeps the cat happy and healthy.

features: Automated/manual control laser teaser, Feed dispenser, Tracking video, Control over internet

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