Crypto Kitties created a world of adorable blockchain based cats that reward users for breeding rare kitties.

But life is lonely on the Ethereum blockchain. Kitties don't get to socialize enough. Where can they find the right mate? Who should they breed with for maximum rarity?

What it does

Catnip matches your Kitten to Crypto Kitties nearby.

Catnip is a freemium. Catnip Gold allows is a subscription based premium service denominated in Catnip's Token: Kitty Love (ICO May 31).

Catnip Gold has 3 main features:

  1. Set a token price for matching: ensuring only the most sincere of suitors
  2. ERC721 based gifts, such as cat food and a Lamborghini. Gifts are created by Catnip, but can be freely traded after purchase.
  3. Using AI algorithms, pair with only the most suitable cats to breed a rare kitten

How we built it

We implemented our Token Generation Event ERC20 contract and ERC-721 gifts on Ethereum. We built the front end on Node + React + Mongo run on a docker installation on SONM.

Challenges we ran into

We faced a lot of difficulty building on SONM, and ultimately had to abandon the attempt.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building a web scraper and back end in one day. Hacking together a tinder-like interface in a night.

What we learned

Coordination is key to maximum efficiency. Having clear outlines on how and what everyone is doing from the onset helps prevent problems later.

What's next for CatNip

Our Token Generation Event is planned for 31 May!! Sign up for our mailing list at

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