CATN8 was inspired by the realization that the Bitcoin protocol is more than the blockchain and more than a payment system. Bitcoin is also a protocol that provides for secure private communications and the tools for the next internet.

What CATN8 does

CATN8 is a SPV streaming super wallet, a monetized video player and a streaming media server built on the Bitcoin protocol. CATN8 will be a Bitcoin access point for content creators and a secure delivery and routing network for content data packets incentivized with the Bitcoin protocol.

How we built it

We identified the components that would need building (server, video player client, media library, block headers database, etc). We built those components and then assembled them into a working proof of concept.

Challenges we ran into

CATN8 strives to be a “true” SPV implementation, therefore challenges were plenty. As a merchant, we had to find out how to maintain a list of block headers. As a client, we had to create a wallet that would maintain proofs and generate a chain of transactions. On the front end, accounting for real time state updates posed many interesting challenges.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We built a SPV library component.
  • We built a functional demo of a monetized video player that builds transactions and pays for streaming media segments.
  • We built a Media server that validates transactions and SPV merkle proofs before broadcast.
  • We built a suite of merchant tools for block header storage, payment templates, and double spend protection.
  • We used SPV Channels on back end and front end.

What we learned

The implementation details of SPV were difficult but rewarding. SPV aligns well with our vision for the next internet. The BSV Ecosystem (wallets) have much work to do in the area of SPV. We learned much about calculating merkle proofs and other details of the bitcoin P2P network to download headers. We learned about the HLS video streaming format. Lastly, we learned how to build robust front end components using the React JS framework.

What's next for CATN8

  • Calculate the shared secret and derive keys.
  • Perform Symmetric Encryption using Bitcoin script.
  • Build out infrastructure which will allow CATN8 to become a true monetizable video hosting and streaming provider by leveraging and extending existing technologies and services. By doing so, we will have a full end to end solution by allowing users to easily upload videos and embed the media player anywhere.
  • Build out a seamless wallet onboarding experience.
  • Build out capabilities of the message inbox for use cases such as multi-party SPV channels where content authors, media server(s), marketers / advertisers, can communicate with the end user, as well as real time group chat, chat bots, etc.
  • Rebuild wallet in a performant compiled language (GoLang).

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