Inspiration: We noticed that students often come to college without financial literacy, and spend more than they are allowed to.

What it does: Allows the user to enter their income and the amount they have to spend on necessities as well as other miscellaneous expenses. This helps put into perspective how much of their monthly expenses are going to go towards important things.

How we built it: We used the MIT app inventor to build the front end of this app.

Challenges we ran into: It took us really long to solidify and decide on an idea and a medium to implement it in. We wanted to make an IOS app but only one member in the group has a Mac therefore we decided on an android app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: We were able to build most of the interface that we want.

What we learned: We learned so much about working in a team and building an idea from the ground up. We were able to face and get over the obstacles of picking a medium. We learned more aspects of MIT app inventor.

What's next for CathyCash: We started implementing a points aspect. We wanted to further build it and have it be motivation for students to spend less money. Additionally, we would like for it to be connected to our Pitt ID and credit/debit cards so whenever it is swiped, the money appears in one of the categories and a new budgeting plan is generated if needed.

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