I am John Geddes. I made a simple game in the Unreal Engine 4.11.1 during Cathacks to demonstrate that it's not difficult to make a quick 2D game with random world generation. The system is very scalable: the current world size is at 128 by 128 tiles, but I can scale it up to the thousands. At that point, I would start running into memory issues if I didn't remove terrain I couldn't see. For the TileSets, I used the asset pack Paper2D that came pre-installed with the Unreal Engine. There was little to no documentation about Paper2D, but I was able to avoid all tutorials and implement the system using C++. I used Perlin noise and some math tricks to manipulate the random terrain generation. It's not perfect, and it doesn't look realistic at all.

The Paper2D package is still in early access, there's not enough useful commands, and there's not a lot of good documentation. I wasted nearly half of the 26 hours just trying to figure out how to do things that should have been simple. If I didn't lose all of that time, I could have implemented a lot more features, including biomes, caves, and even an inventory system. I enjoyed working on this project, however, because I used this hackathon to learn how to make a game in the Unreal Engine.

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