In a socially distant, remote driven world, it's hard to constantly play catch up with friends and family. It's even harder to find a time to sit down and watch your favorite show together, group streaming applications aside. After all, the best group watching applications can't save the fact we are never free at the same time to stream it together.

However, the magic of storytelling lies in the people you share the story with.

As avid movie and television show lovers, we realized we were often texting our friends to "let me know when you watch episode 8" or "what did you think of when that big thing happened (you'll know when you get there)" without spoiling any crucial plot points. Watching became a lonely experience, and a waiting game to see the final thoughts from your friend, who often was too engrossed in the episode to tell you anything during it.

We wanted to create a solution that lets you retain the intimacy and sharing experience of watching movies and shows by allowing users to leave time stamped annotations for a certain show or movie. They could send these annotations to their friends & family for when they finally watch the episode, and are treated to personalized comments and relatable stories/reactions! It's like they're watching it right next to you!

In essence, our project lets you watch now, sync later.

What's next for CatchUp We aim to further develop the software behind this application and utilize a more streamlined tech stack: specifically using Javascript, JSON, and Node.js to optimize the application flow.

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