When you move to a new city or country it is undeniable to feel disconnected or to miss your friends and family back at home and reasons like this might hinder students from pursuing their dreams ( withdraw their plans). We want to create a platform to connect with your local community who share your interests to make you feel at home in the unfamiliar terrain. The web app also helps people who are planning to move to a new city find apartments at cheaper rates by joining their local community.

What it does

Users can select safe and dependable communities based on their interests (We have four filters: Age, Religion, Nationality, and Profession.). After joining the local community groups they can view the group posts about house listings, events happening in the city, etc., and stay connected.

How we built it

Researching and Brainstorming ideas were all done collaboratively. After creating wireframes and designs on a platform called xd, the prototype was created in Figma. Developers built it with React - HTML, CSS and NodeJS.

Challenges we ran into

Learning to use new tools and collaborating on the project across multiple time zones. Searching for applications that can help us to best organize our plan and take care of our tasks.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning new technology and implementing it in a workable prototype in a short period of time. Collaborating effectively across multiple timezones to come up with the deliverables. Learning how to edit, record the pitch, and creating the pitch deck gave us a clear understanding of where we stand in understanding our own project. First Hackathon for Tania and Mahreen!

What we learned

Working together, new technical and soft skills, and time management.

What's next for CatchUp

Maybe add some features that can analyze the success percentage and feature success stories in the application to encourage new people to use the application and to get the best out of it. Make it available on the mobile platforms (Google Playstore and Apple store).

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