The pain of sleep deprivation has held us in chains for too long. We driven by necessity to devise a better method to manage our sleep cycles.

What it does

CatchUp allows the user to track how many hours they have slept soundly. This data is stored in a database, and can be referred to by the user at a later date. Additionally, the platform comes preinstalled with statistics from the National Sleep Foundation- the app compares your nightly rest to doctor's recommended nightly hours of sleep (based on demographics), and provides the user with advice for maintaining a healthy sleep cycle.

How we built it

We built CatchUp using a variety of web technologies- HTML, CSS, Javascript, Firebase, Bootstrap, and Google Fonts. Catchup consists of index.html, which contains the HTML layout of our website, app.js, which contains all of the methods and algorithms to connect index.html to the Firebase backend, and style.css, our custom stylesheet which builds ontop of Bootstrap's built in styles. In addition, Photoshop was used to create our logo.

Challenges we ran into

Javascript:( We all knew bits of Javascript already, but we had never worked on a full sized project applying these skills. Additionally, Firebase threw us for a loop- while very useful, it was a brand new architecture to all of us. Finally, we are all exhausted...

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The app actually functions! We learned that the little bits of code we knew could actually build something spectacular.

What we learned

Firebase, Javascript,

What's next for CatchUp

We need t work on 1) the business facing platform, which we anticipate would generate most of the revenue, and 2) additional features, such as a calendar-integration

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