Main objective of Catchimal

Encourage to get involved with nature completing a virtual album of animals together with your friends.

Features of the project

Social Media

Allows to see your friends registered animals, comment, and chat with them. Join your friends to explore the outside and the unknown.

Animal Album

You would have an album for storing the animals you have taken photos of in your life.

Photo Information

Catchimal is using GCP services to automatically recognize your animal information. Furthermore, you will see where, when, and how the photography was taken.

Animal Learning

See information and curious facts about the animals around you, chatting with AI chatbot. You would learn how to protect our nature and be sustainable.


It would be like a game, like a real Pokedex. Obtain points and rewards for taking pictures of exotic animals.

Shared Environment

Share albums between friends, showing the things around you.

User Account

See progress, status, points, challenges, rewards, and more!

Interact with your Animals on AR

Win points in a different way when there aren't more animals near. Play, feed or combat with your animals.

How we built it - Milestone we have achieved

  • We made a mobile react native app and a react landing webpage.
  • Use of Google Cloud Storage for uploading the animals photographs.
  • Google Vision, Cloud functions and GCP services for recognize animal data.
  • User can login, take a photo, and see some basic information about the animal identified by Google Vision.
  • Made a prototype on Spark AR of possible interaction of users with their avatarized animal photos.
  • and Netlify for deploying the website.
  • Created a cloud machine with the robots running in UI Path cloud. One of these two bots running in the cloud scrapes random user profiles to add it to the project and stores it in a .CSV file, and the other one is a simple wiki scraper that generates a page with all the info about an animal the user wants.

What's next for Catchimal - To be done

  • Allow to avatarize animals on users album.

  • Add interactions and games with the AR animals.

  • Chats between users.

  • Add challenges and multiple albums, ordered by difficulty, to be completed.

  • Complete and enhance the functionalities.

  • Make a working chatbot that provides the required information by the user for each animal.

  • For future plans, it is going to be a complete social media, a game like Pokemon Go, and a platform with a chatbot AI for deep information about the animals.

Challenges we ran into

  • Lack of time.
  • Defining task and communication between team members.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

  • The first page on React of one of our members.

  • We think that Catchimal is a really cool idea, but do not know how to make it reality and used by real users.

What we learned

  • Some members worked with technologies that they have never worked like React, React Native, Google Cloud Platform or GitHub organizations.

  • Learned team work and communication.

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