Problem or inspiration -: We are getting late in gathering medical resources in specific regions on time for infected patients before we realize the sudden outbreak in those regions. Covid-19 pandemic nature of sudden rise give no time to settle down with current resources and hospitals/medical centers get overwhelmed before realizing millions of people dying .Reacting late leave no option other than casualities .

Solution -: Create Corona Hotspots using travel history of suspected people / infected patients in google maps and link it to nearby hospitals and testing centers .People advised as suspected cases or home quarantined or was in direct touch with the infected person also need to register their travel history to create data as probable corona carriers . Hotspots information provide Govt/medical councils way to put mass surveillance systems to reach to infected early and preparation of ready medical resources/ventilators for the coming catastrophe in that region .We will be able to utilize medical resources/ healthcare workers movement before time where the probability of getting more cases is high and underutilized resources will become working engines to fight the pandemic .Users/general public will be able to see nearby hospitals or testing centers in range of these hotspots. This will overall reduce the sufferings and stop the community transmission as people will also avoid corona hotspot places to visit in near future till we come out of this situation .

Vision -: Link or get travel history from smartphones using GPS or google location history after asking for permissions from user.This will create past travel data quick and more accurate .

Long term efficiency -: As we all know COVID -19 is spreading roots in all countries and most countries are in lockdown or inside home advisories .During the spread or when world will start removing restrictions or lockdowns with control measures ,Govt of all countries will require mass surveillance mechanisms to implement and reach to infected and suspected cases earlier to prevent spread further as a second wave .Web app will help countries to get clear picture of where the lockdowns are still required with minimum movements as hotspots of carriers .Users will use the web app to avoid corona hotspots while travelling or on roads to prevent virus spread .

Implementation -: We have created this using available data from github covid data sources and simple form for users has been created using google places box to tag the places as travelled in last days .This way of creating travel history and running algorithm in python to create clusters where the number/probablility of suspected cases is high ,we get some corona hotspots to focus on immediately.

Problems Faced -: Faced problems in integrating python and google apps engine to work on google spreadsheets as the database .

Accomplishments -: We as team of two people feeling accomplished to implement this in minimum time to enhance it further now. Linked major modules together to work as app .

Learnings -: We have learnt new technologies as google apps engine and working real time to get data from different sources .

What's next -: We have created prototype out of idea and trying to convert it into product during hackathon.

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