Be it valentine's weekend or any other weekend, finding partners for hackathons is really tedious and time consuming. Socializing is an important skill which many lack thus we thought of a solution to make this tedious task easier. So, we decided to build an application to match hackers with other hackers who are also looking for partners for hackathons. Rather than searching for the best skillset match in the team-formation channel, use our application to do this difficult task efficiently and effectively.

What it does

The application allows hackers to sign up and enter their skills and the hackathons they are attending. They can also enter what specific skillset they want in other hackers and which hackathons are they looking hackers for. These specifications would allow the app to display them the best matches and then the hackers can then swipe right to match and swipe left to reject other hackers. If both the hackers match each other, a connection is set up between the two.

How we built it

The backend was built in Flask with CockroachDB as the database.

Challenges we ran into

With 2 new hackers being a part of our team and all of us being new to CockroachDB, it was really a tedious task. The flask frontend was ready on time but integrating it with the database was very difficult. In all, the main challenge was learning and integrating CockroachDB into our flask application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of making a hack which would benefit us as well as all hackathon users. The UI as well as the database were difficult to make but we are glad that we made it through. The new hackers also made great progress and learnt a lot. The hack was completed just in time and thus we are proud of what we did.

What we learned

We learnt more about CockroachDB and flask. A few of us had already worked with backend but CockroachDB was something entirely new. Flask was new for a few of us as well thus we all learnt something or the other.

What's next for Catch Your Match

We want to add chat functionality so that when 2 hackers have right swiped each other, they can connect and chat. We also want to allow group chatting so that teams can also be formed through our application.

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