We were sitting in the airport waiting for the coffee and we saw a person sitting alone looked like he was bored. Looking around, we came to this realisation that the world is surrounded by boredom while waiting for a particular task in a queue. We wanted to help the person sitting alone by making his life more exciting and that's where the idea of connecting the world while waiting came in! Not a dating app. Just a waiting up.

What it does

It connects you to the world around you from someone sitting beside you to someone far far away. It understands your likings and personality and designates an enthralling experience for you while you are waiting for your order, a plane, a coffee, or a very badly organised date.

How we built it

We used Notability to create wireframes for the entire application and its flow. We used React Native to get the application to life with NodeJS being in its backbone and SocketIO helping us make everything real time.

Challenges we ran into

SocketIO is used to interact with other users and connecting it locally over a University wifi is usually a very hurtful experience. Having two out of three people learn React Native in just about 10 hours and implementing an entire application on it was another massive challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making nearly the entire application in just under 24 hours. Learning React Native in a limited time.

What we learned

React Native, Real Time APIs are pain to work with; How food drives motivation and how 24 hours can make you question all your life decisions.

What's next for Catch-up

Deploy it for real life scenarios to bring community with similar interests together and creating a more joyful way of meeting new people. Not a dating app. Just a waiting up.

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