Our inspiration for this project was to try to make a fun game around the COVID outbreak. So we made a game where you try to contain the virus with vaccines, while the virus tries to run away.

What it does

In our application you are able to make a lobby. After this you and a friend can join the game, and play the game together. The first one to join will take the part of the virus, attempting to escape the vaccine, while the second will take the part of the vaccine and keep the virus contained.

How We built it

We build this project with a Node back-end, and a normal HTML/CSS/JS front-end. On both of these we implemented for continuous communication from client to server and back again.

Challenges We ran into, and more basically web sockets, were unfamiliar to us. There was a lot of back and forth trying to debug rather or not our issues with where the sprites ended up, and other small issues were occuring on the front-end or back-end implementations.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

We are proud as a team as to how this project turned out. This is definitely the most complete project that we have ever gotten through during a hackathon. We were even able to turn this project in a little early as we couldn't think of more features to add given the amount of time left.

What We learned

We, as a team, now have a deeper understanding of web sockets, and continuous data flow through the web. Before this we had only thought of API's as the only way to communicate data to a front-end web project, however web sockets work really well, especially in regard to communicating data to other users using the application.

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