Inspired from my hectic schedules

This project is titled as "Catch Forty Winks" in terms it means - Take A Short Nap". So here we added a way for all the workholics to take a break from their schedules and relax for a while. We have a pop reminder to notify for you to stop it right there and catch forty winks. We had added multiple features like it provides reminder, we can add our setting for our whole week according to our schedules, At break hours, we can do eye exercises or meditate for a while so that mind gets activated and energized to restart afresh

We had built using python, html, css and photoshop. Backend was purely on python and the depending needed to make this work. Front end was through html, css and photoshop

It was a challenge for us as we are les on team and much more to do and complete the tasks. Getting this done from a scratch with time management was quite a tuff thing and bit overboarded, but we trying to pull it off and give our best in producing this outcome

I had no idea on web development but learning it and trying to implement it was huge compliment. And teammate was as well underwent through same thing while working on python

We learnt using web development, deploying it to the front end, working on backend with features and bring all the modules together. Glad we had so much to learn and an exciting theme to work on.

What's next for Catch Fourty Winks

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