After watching our friends struggle with social anxiety, we decided that we wanted to create a way for them to be able to reach out without the added pressure of initiating a conversation.

What it does

Through different sensors built into the garment, Catcall monitors several areas in the body such as pulse and body temperature which tend to spike as anxiety worsens. Through bluetooth connection, these signals are sent to an app which a person close to the individual wearing the garment can access. If pulse or body temperature reaches above a certain point, potentially indicating an anxiety attack, Catcall notifies the holder of the app, who can then ensure that the wearer is safe and cared for.

How we built it

We incorporated several sensors throughout the garment which would measure for standard body functioning, and then program them with the bluetooth to send signals to an app should those bodily functions reach above a certain set point.

Challenges we ran into

We lacked the accessibility to some of the technonolgy we needed such as pulse sensors. We got some of our other technology working, but not functioning quite the way we needed it to, like our heat sensor reading very high inaccurate temperatures. Additionally, our team was composed entirely of designers and with very little technical knowledge between the three of us, we found it difficult to achieve all that we envisioned.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Each member of the group was able to complete a task using skills that they had not previously known. There was a lot of knowledge gained, pertaining to both technology and design, between the members of the group. Though the final product is not quite what we imagined it to be, it was a productive group experience.

What we learned

A lot of the knowledge gained from this experience came from the technology that we tried to work with. Some members operated tools and machinery that they had never used before, as well as completed some basic garment patterning.

What's next for Catcall

The intention to serve mental illness and disabilities will always be alive and relevant, thus Catcall will be frequently revisited and revised until mentally ill or disabled people can be liberated of their mental and societal problems.

Built With

  • arduino
  • feather
  • heat-sensor
  • pulse-sensor
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