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In so many blockchain projects on Ethereum, we would like to share files with users we did transactions with. But those files have to be encrypted and should be not on the ledger, therefore the first implementation includes IPFS, but other decentral filestorages like Swarm, Storj, FILE or DAT could be added later too.

We want a open source library everybody can use and further develop, no lock-in or token - just a NPM package and boilerplate app.

All frontend app we created 100% at ETHBerlin Hackathon - using a security library we published as Porsche Digital Lab under GPL a little while ago.

How it works

catbox is a easy to use library to store private data symmetrically encrypted on a decentralized storage, at first IPFS. Those files are encrypted asymmetric with the Ethereums users public keys. This way upload a file once, send it to many users. Therefore we use Ethereum Plasma.

Challenges & Accomplishments

  • The boilerplate is far from finished, we ran into issues with infura, same-origin-policy/SSL, template responsiveness for mobile devices ...
  • starting a simple to reuseable library and application with a core library
  • others can use it too, via NPM, no token, no ico ...
  • it's good for individuals use and corporates fulfilling GDPR and data privacy

What's next

  • Enabling various decentralized file storage networks besides IPFS
  • Enabling the use of ENS (Ethereum Name System) to send files
  • Make it ready working

It's just a start ...

Built With

  • encyrption
  • ethereum
  • ipfs
  • npm
  • plasma
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