Watsi helps patients who cannot afford health care gain access to funds from caring donors.

Most donors however, after donating, will not hear much from the patient until after the surgery or treatment is complete. We believe that there is an easy way to foster a stronger and more personal relationship between donors and patients to encourage additional fundraising as well as feeling of social impact.

What it does

Catbert Updates is a SMS text-message integration that hooks into the Watsi website and allows patients to send updates to donors. After logging in, the patient has a way of inputting and update at varying time intervals, and donors who have signed up for updates will receive them immediately, weekly, or monthly.

How we built it

HTML/CSS/Bootstrap to create an interface for patients' message updates, as well as an interface for update preference for donors.

The backend is stitched together on Node.js and handles the POST requests sent from the patient/donor interfaces. Messages are sent via Twilio's SMS/Messaging API.

Challenges we ran into

We started on the hack pretty late into the hackathon and were extremely sleep deprived.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Potential impacts this feature can have on not just Watsi, but also other organizations or businesses that can benefit from promoting personal relationships between users of the product.

What we learned

Sausage: I learned about the grid system of bootstrap, what a hackathon is like, and how it is to identify problems within a product and use technology to improve them.

Albert: I learned how to set up a node.js server and use Twilio for processing text messages.

What's next for Catbert Updates

Setting up a database system to track multiple donors and patients as well as keep a history of messaging, to implement the actual functionality of weekly and monthly updates.

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