In Miami, Florida, we have a melting pot of diverse cultures and people, coming together to form our local communities. Every day, 325,000 people enter the United States. Many of them first-timers with a completely different concept of the nation. How can we make them feel included; especially, if they don't know the language? We came up with Catalyze to fix this. We want people to have access to mentorship by those who came before them from similar backgrounds, supporting them in assimilating and feeling accepted.

What it does

Mentors will be matched with the mentees using machine learning which is based solely on country of origin, sex, language, education, and goals. The machine learning will be derived off of the biographies the mentors and mentees write. The mentors and mentees shall be presented anonymously to protect the identities of both parties and foster open communication, enabled by the messaging feature. The content of the messages is monitored to avoid inappropriate language or sentiment of the text. The mentors can then give helpful advice to the person requesting it. There will be real time chat translation between any language. For purposes of demo, we will show English- Spanish translation between the mentee and mentor.

How we built it

The app itself was implemented using React-native and Javascript. The backend and chat is using Azure, Microsoft sentiment API, Google cloud translation, AWS. The backend was coded using Python and machine learning.

Challenges we ran into

Pivoting ideas and building confidence and trust for our users, thus even people who may be targeted, such as the undocumented community, will feel safe about using our app in regards to anonimity.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Using 5 dimensions of data to create a matching process off of a simple biography, implementing machine learning. Also, real time chat translation between any language .

What we learned

We learned CSS with React-Native, a lot of python, and how to match the 5 dimensions. Choosing the 5 dimensions for the best user experience was an initial challenge that required lots of discussion and consideration amongst the team.

What's next for Catalyz

We hope to ship this to the app store, and partner many organizations that support immigrants around the world. We want new talent from other countries, promoting not only inclusivity but opportunities for success to all.

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