Helping connect people to their perfect apartment fit, while saving time

What it does

Improving the Real Estate Apartment search process: +Provides a 360 Interactive Tour with no overhead costs for the agent +Instant Booking for an apartment showing +Rental Application to Fixed Lease automation

How we built it

Using 360 degree cameras, hot spot linking between panoramas, and surveying of problems that people face in the market, we came up with an aid to the process to provide more satisfaction for both the agent and client.

Challenges we ran into

Developing the site to support both a web app 360 tour as well as switch to VR mode

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to over come those challenges

What we learned

We learned the practicality behind the idea has a need in the market for real estate, especially for international clients as well as those unable to make multiple showings

What's next for CataList

We already have a foot in the door with people to contact who will allow us to test out the process and collect data of how efficient the service truly is.

Looking to recruit website developers interested in getting involved! Let us know if you feel you'd fit well with the team!

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deleted deleted posted an update

Have clients lined up after receiving the generous funding from the Seed Fund for Innovation at Hampshire College. Licensing first then should be on track to be able to help businesses starting mid-May

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