We bring you the text based adventure tale of the recursive UMBC catacombs.

How we came up with it

We drew inspiration for Catacombs(Catacombs( )) from the tunnels under UMBC, spooky stories set in catacombs, memes and popular culture, and the quintessential text-based adventure game Zork.

What it is

It's a text-based adventure game featuring an imaginary maze below the tunnels below UMBC. The player has to escape the maze while fending off enemies and solving puzzles. It was created collaboratively in Atom using C++.


Time constraints, file organization, and of course coding in the more difficult mechanics!


We're proud of our use and manipulation of the Stack in the project, the maze map itself, and the copious, expertly curated memes.

What we learned

C++ syntax, team building, design strategies, and the basics of game development!

What's next for catacombs(catacombs( ))

Hopefully, the future of the game holds more items and item functionality, more story, more types of enemies, and possibly implementation in Unity as a 2D game with graphics!

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