I have been very worried about my loved ones' mental health lately, and they deserve to be okay and happy. I came up with an idea to let a cute, white cat tell them they're okay. And the rest of the world.

What it does

The cat tells you you're okay, even if you're not, and then you feel so much better.

How we built it

MIT AppInventor and a crazy mind who somewhat cares for the world and loves cute cats.

Challenges we ran into

Taking care of the mental health of people by fitting a cute cat image and typing up a few words in AppInventor is so easy!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

My orientation with AppInventor and my selfless gift to people who require a cat to tell them they're okay!

What we learned

Coding is fun, and everyone is okay. Oh, and AppInventor does have some cool stuff to work with. I'll probably make something more sensible next time.

What's next for Cat Wants Your Mental Health

I guess-Cat will tell you.

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