Disciplining an animal requires consistent correction of negative behaviors. Cat in the act ensures that your feline is following the rules even when you are out of the house.

What it does

Cat in the act uses a PIR sensor to activate a web cam that is being ran off of Undoo. Once activated the web cam will take a snap shot of its environment. The snapshot will be compared against other cat image through the use of . If the camera does detect a cat it will emit a tone to drive it away from ever surface you choose.

How I built it

Linux embedded system, USB camera, and PIR sensor.

Challenges we ran into

Serial port communication was a huge hurdle to cross.

Accomplishments that were proud of

Personally we are proudest of our team's ability to integrate the Ubuntu and arduino interfaces.

What I learned

Serial port commo using assets located on the chip

What's next for Cat in the act

Extensive field training.

Built With

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