It started with a phone game called Cat Condo, where you fuse small boring cats into large, complicated, eldritch cats. It was a fun time sink, but I didn't appreciate the ads, so the original idea was to make a clone. The dragging and dropping of cats onto other cats didn't work out, so I turned to a snake-like game, instead, collecting food to increase your score.

What it does

Use the arrow keys or WASD (or both, for the pros!) to move your cat. Get food to increase your score, and watch in awe as your cat grows and evolves. But watch out for the Dog, and his Eyes... Can you beat the ultimate challenge? Can you reach the final tenth form and get your name onto the LIST OF CHAMPIONS?

How I built it

I used Windows Forms and C# to put the program together, and Visual Studio as an IDE. The art was all hand-drawn in MS Paint.

Challenges I ran into

For a while there wasn't much challenge to it. It took a while to come up with a lose condition to add a challenge, along with a timing element to encourage the kind of faster play that makes the Dog a threat. I had also tried to add some background music, but that didn't pan out, since the deadline loomed and I couldn't find Nyan Cat (or some suitable alternative) as a .wav file.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm pretty proud of my cat art. They may not be pretty, but they've got personality, and every pixel has heart put into it.

What I learned

I learned more about manipulating PictureBox objects, and some rudimentary collision detection. I learned how to use a Stopwatch object, and a bit about SoundPlayer objects.

What's next for Cat Evolution

Music! Prettier background! Dog evolution! And... what lies beyond... the final form???

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