The game is largely inspired by the cartoon Tom and Jerry, as well as games like Dead by Daylight.

What it does

Cat-and-Mice Game is a three-player game in which one player is a cat and the remaining players are mice. The game takes place in a kitchen. The objective for the cat is to defeat the mice, whereas the mice have the objective of returning a random list of food to their home in the walls.

How we built it

The game is built in Unity 3D and props were built in Blender.

Challenges we ran into

Rendering issues involving materials, normals, and textures. Lack of prior knowledge with the software suites utilized in the project. Rigidbodies in Unity3D.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Completing tasks in unfamiliar development environments, effectively problem solving even when it is especially difficult or not documented well, working in a smaller development team, doing game development in 3D, and meeting goals we set out to.

What we learned

Grant: How to use Blender with no previous experience, as well as modelling and stylizing 3D objects. Jaden: How to implement Rigidbodies in an arcade environment, as well as stylized 3D lighting.

What's next for Cat and Mice Game

Generally expanding the scope of the project, as there is ample room for the addition of levels and alternative game modes.


CAT: 'A' to attack

'Y' to jump

Left stick to move

Right stick to aim

MICE: 'A' to pick up and hold item

'B' to throw held item

'Y' to jump

Left stick to move

Right stick to aim

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