After living in an apartment for almost a year, we realized that there are a lot of unique experiences that you can gain from living with roomates and paying your own rent. From squashing cockroaches to fighting for laundry machines, we realized that maybe we can have some fun with the little things that we experience daily. Despite how all of this may sound, they say that bonds formed through common hardships tend to be the strongest. After all, how can you not like the person who stands up against the roaches for you in your greatest times of need? These moments are some of the best "bonding moments" that we have shared as roommates.

What it does

Our product is an apartment-themed app riddled with hidden minigames. To access the minigames, the user must find important pieces of furniture in the apartment layout. These games involve squashing cockroaches, purging fridges, sheltering wet cats, and doing laundry. Each minigame rewards coins which can be used to buy small items in the game shop.

How we built it

We built this Android mobile app in Unity with C#. Custom artwork and assets were modeled and designed with Photoshop and GIMP. The entire codebase was set up as a GitHub repository to allow for easier collaboration and more efficient code merging.

Challenges we ran into

It was a struggle for us to balance time for coding with time for drawing assets (and time for sleeping!). We hit a few snags in the design process as we tried to find a cohesive style that combined our art and code.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Despite all members of the team being minimally experienced in Unity, we were able to use it extensively to create an interesting mobile app. The entire development process went smoothly, and we're especially proud of being able to create so much quality content in such a short period of time.

What we learned

For the first time, each of us made our very first game from scratch. Through the process, we learned that challenges posed by both lack of technical knowledge and experience can be overcome through research and hard work. We also learned how to work together not as individual coders, but instead as functional members of a team with tools like Github and Slack. We were able to communicate with each other efficiently and were able to set up a development environment that allowed us to conduct code review/minimize merge conflicts.

What's next for Cat and House

We plan to continue working on this app after the completion of this hackathon. We look forwards to adding new graphics/minigames to the app, as well as brushing up parts of existing minigames. Specifically, we plan to take Cat And House to the next level by allowing it to become a social game. Players will be able to participate in joint events/games around the house to earn currency, which they can then use to buy furniture and upgrade their shared living space. This encourages friendly competition while educating users on the lifestyle and daily chores of an average young adult apartment dweller.

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