The Casual Car Pool Service brings the benefits of community-based ride sharing to the people. Drivers and pedestrians form short term, ad-hoc car pools to overcome traffic jams and other traffic barriers. We enable

  • Driver comfort: No more wait times, use car pool lanes
  • Security: Increased rider security though passwords
  • Car & Community: Community-based solution to reduce traffic
  • Sustainability through: Resource sharing

This is how it works:

  1. Drivers signals availability by entering a speech command in the vehicle: "Sign on"
  2. Pedestrians request a ride on their Pebble smart watch / smartphone.
  3. The Casual Car Pool's match making algorithm forms pairs based on user preferences, availability, and time of arrival and pushes that information to pedestrian and driver.
  4. Driver and pedestrian meet, the pedestrian boards the car and confirms the ride with "Sign in".
  5. As meetings with strangers can be weird sometimes, the pedestrian might optionally add a predefined, secret key word like 'moonrise' to secretly communicate his or her feelings. The Casual Car Poll system recognizes these and eventually triggers an alarm via Twilio to a friend or family.
  6. At the destination is reached the casual car pool is disbanded and the pedestrian signs out with "Sign off".
  7. Finally, the driver logs off the system by the command "Sign out".
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