With the emerging companies and startups in the marine plastic retrieval field, the amount of time that is needed to avoid the outnumbering of marine life by plastic by 2050 remains insignificantly changed.

What it does

Castus is an app and web service that provides a live map that shows location of high-density areas of plastic at ocean, rivers, and seas. Using Satellite based algorithms, online weather services, and mathematical modelling. Provide a high-quality technology for cleanup companies that has the potential to locate plastic pollution in a less time, money, and effort consuming way. And make plastic mining a business opportunity.


Our aim is to get rid of plastic pollution at oceans, seas, and rivers by 90% before 2050.


  • Provide a strong database with reliable algorithms.
  • Creating a system that will be combined with advanced navigation systems.
  • Establishing a reliable database to predict the magnitude of plastic problems.
  • Minimizing the extraction expenses by 40-50%.
  • Decreasing the search radius for cleanup companies in a more efficient way.
  • Establishing a system that makes it easier for researchers to study and update the problem of marine plastic.

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