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Testing Instructions

Follow these steps, head on to the, Signup with google.

  1. This is a paid service, you will be charged $1 per hour for creating your digital identity on a Remote Desktop, For testing from devpost users or evaluation purposes, you won't be charged anything.

  2. Hit the character creator instance button, it will download a Remote Desktop Client from servers,

  3. Wait for 25 seconds, it will provide you a Public DNS Name, and password,

  4. Open the downloaded Remote Desktop Client file, Right Click and hit Edit,

  5. In the Computer section, paste the Public DNS Name provided on the website. Hit Save then press Connect,

  6. In a moment, it will prompt you to enter the password, copy the password from the website, and hit Enter, you are in,

  7. Now follow the tutorial video given for creating your digital identity smoothly and do not miss any step,

What it does, watch all demo videos

We provide something like this,

  1. Create your digital identity, digital avatar character with tons of customization,

    Demo of how to create your digital identity

  2. Use your avatar character to walk in multiple gaming maps, multiple training scenarios, like the one given here

    Demo1 of our gaming maps as a lecture room

    Demo2 of our gaming maps as a lecture room

  3. Use any platform like mac, windows, ios, android, or even just some browsers like chrome or firefox with real-time 2k or 4k streaming at 60 fps right to your platform.

  4. Complete description including source code, executive summaries, and pitch deck

    Complete description

How we built it

It's a long story of staying up all night.

Watch all the demo videos

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