Message in a Bottle song by Police So many people around the world have problems that need an outsider's opinion, such as dealing with every day problems, answering common questions, and possibly personal problems.

What it does

This is a sustainable way to communicate the old fashioned way. The user has the option to either cast a problem into the virtual sea in a "message in a bottle" and wait for someone else around the world to respond and help them solve their problem or to give them advise. The user also has the option to respond to a message already floating in the ocean and help others out.

How we built it

This is our first app and we used app inventor to make CYTA.

Challenges we ran into

Being our first app, learning the software was challenging but not too difficult to pick up.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Animation of the bottle being cast out to sea, using TinyWebDB as a storage for sent messages, playing audio

What we learned

Casting bottles into the ocean is pollution and is frowned upon in society. Therefore, virtually casting the bottles is earth friendly! Besides that, we learned how to make our first app together.

What's next for Cast Your Troubles Away (CYTA)

Implement it in the app store once polished and see how many bottles get cast into the virtual ocean

Built With

  • android
  • app-inventor
  • tinywebdb-storage
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