Small solutions now, can solve big problems tomorrow. And the greatest problems of tomorrow will come from global climate change.

What it does

Cast seeks to solve the communication problems between financial institutions and their customers that will arise as global climate change causes increasingly more frequent evacuations due to natural disasters.

Cast draws on powerful climate analysis services to alert financial institutions of potential customer displacement so that they can relay information directly to the affected customers. It is of the utmost importance that during the stress of evacuation customers have access to their financial resources.

How I built it

We used Azure Services to deploy the website via Visual Studio 2015. We also use CapitalOne's API to track the locations of ATMs around the areas. We also use Bluechasm's API to track weather movement.

Challenges I ran into

The challenges I ran into was trying to set a software model cycle to deploy the website.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Using Azure services and using API's that we normally don't have access to for free.

What I learned

I learned to develop with other team members.

What's next for Cast

It's going to be a one thing software. We intend to bring the website as an actual program to help people in times of need to relocate to their financial centers.

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