Motor vehicle accidents are the major source of fatalities on the road today. In fact, according to the US Census Bureau’s statistical data on Motor Vehicle Accidents and Fatalities, in 2008, there were about 10.2 million motor vehicle accidents, 39,000 of which were fatal.  To address this concern, we present a system that improves everyday travel by allowing drivers to be more aware of road hazards and decreases fatalities.  The importance of road safety is a pressing issue that we aim to tackle with the crash avoidance sensor system, which will further be addressed as CASS. Using CASS, it requires that sensors be placed on the outside of vehicles, preferably on all sides, to allow record of when an automobile becomes within a certain range of another vehicle or a pedestrian. Utilizing nearby machinery and other vehicles to communicate relays valuable information to authorities and to other commuters. The goal of this system is to have sensors to slow down vehicles when they are within a close range of each other or a bystander. This system proves to be novel because it can save lives and prevent vehicle accidents. In addition, the adoption of this system also contributes to the continuation of road safety efforts and ultimately the decrease of traffic deaths.  Overall, through this system and its communication capabilities, this proposed solution aids with preventable roadway tragedies.

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