We have had a few parties and meetups during the pandemic and how can a Halloween be celebrated without a trick or treat party?? Finding Casper has been easier during Halloween but not this time!! Here we built a portal where you can just meet a lot more Ghost, witches and Dracula virtually.

What it does

This is a party hosting app, where you can not only host parties but make it accessible to your nearby neighbours and friends and enjoy the same thrill of hosting Halloween parties. You can also register and join the interesting parties happening near you.

How we built it

We basically built a flask application and on that we decided to make a virtual party finder application, where the user will be able to create a virtual party by registering their name, address, date, time and the meeting link. Once they are registered the address is converted to latitude and longitude with the help of the geocoding service. Their event will be added as a marker on the google maps which we used in the application. The user who wishes to attend the party or trick and treat their neighbour can look up for their closest neighbour by exploring the map to get the details of the event. To store the events details we used cockroach DB and deployed it in Azure database services.

Halloween Home Page

Challenges we ran into

We did encounter a lot of challenges on our path and we did learn and explore while widening our views.

  • While working with we faced challenges as there wasn't proper tutorials or documentation on it and the person working witht he backend had to spend hours to solve a simple query.
  • We also encountered a few hurdles with the google api while integrating it to the backend.
  • Since our application is hosted in heroku and there wasn't any proper support for deploying cockroach DB in Heroku we had to pick a complicated route. We had to use Azure database services to implement cockroach DB.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We have successfully implemented in a python web app.
  • Even though we had started up a little later we are glad we could race against time to complete the application.

What we learned

  • Implementation of in python web app
  • Implementing cockroach DB
  • Effective usage Azure Database Service
  • Exploring Google API's

What's next for Casper - not found!

We plan on having a much better UI and looking towards expanding this as a flutter application. We would be exploring more features of and we not just limit it to Halloween instead have it open for various events and festivals too. We are looking forward to implement the AR feature which would add in a virtual party experience for our users.

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