A small note: currently running into deployment issues on the website. If it's still down later, "demo" the Figma instead. In the Links section at the bottom of this page, the top link attached is the raw Figma workspace; the bottom is the Figma demo.


Content creators today are faced with increasingly high production costs and increasingly lower payouts. In Web2.0, data is controlled by large companies and individual creators often see no compensation for their original, creative work - even on massive platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Our goal is to move content creation into Web3.0 - monetizing your digital presence seamlessly.

What it does

Able to monetize our data on social platforms like TikTok and Pinterest by connect them to Cack and deploy them as NFTs. Content creators and fans are able to trade them based on them own preference. The price efficiency is achieved by eliminating the agency costs from the 3rd big tech companies.

How we built it

Bootstrapped with Moralis to handle authentication and IPFS storage and a custom smart contract on Ether. Bulk mint NFTs from integrated SSO login.

What we learned

A ton - solidity and smart contracts, design and deployment, with a frontend on React and a backend mostly handled by Moralis.

What's next for Cask

Finish building out the project, basically.

Built With

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