Casino games are fun but are very risky to play. So we wanted to make it risk-free and program some of the most fun casino games.

What it does

The program has 4 casino games for you to play: Blackjack, Craps, Slots, and Poker.

How I built it

Our team used Java to program it by designing each game regarding its fundamental by writing it in pseudocode

Challenges I ran into

The poker hand ranking is a very complex system even in real life. Doing this in Java without using any webAPIs or servers was very interesting because it forced us to this about the patterns and the cards in the most fundamental manner, which really tested our programming mindset.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to make proprietary functions in order to classify and rank the poker hands. This was a very difficult task, but we are very happy that it finally worked.

What I learned

We learned that even the most complicated functions and games can be boiled down to a few fundamental patterns that can be analyzed in order to produce a fun and entertaining program.

What's next for Casino Game

Given more time, we could very easily implement a GUI system for it, and possibly release it on many platforms for people to enjoy the game. Porting the game to C# or Javascript would allow us to use Unity Game Engine in order to create complex and fancy UI's and game animations.

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