Cash view is a 3D money visualization software. The problem it addresses is the lack of financial literacy in the general population, specifically the problem of overspending. Our solution was a simple web application that displays detailed 3D models of cash relative to objects to allow consumers to have a better understanding of their expenditure. We decided that drawing a physical connection to cash - what users associate with money - will offer them the greatest knowledge on their spending. Potentially seeing exorbitant amounts of cash physically will discourage them from overspending, allowing them to save money. The process of building the website comprised of assigning our 4-member team each a part of the application based on each of their strengths. One member was assigned to developing the 3D models using blender for each bank note/coin. This member also oversaw back-end algorithms particularly with relation to fitting the money in objects. The next member worked on the front-end side of the code and developed the UI for the web application with HTML and CSS. These were then connected by the third member of our teams using flask as a host for the web framework. The final team member was then responsible for developing the pitch for the project. Numerous challenges were presented throughout the project. The first of which was needing to learn JavaScript. This was a new language that proved to have distinct conventions. Another challenge was the UI; the choice and coordination of colors for the website was an unexpected difficulty and we were able to resolve this with some help from April. Lastly, we may have underestimated the workload associated with the pitch and thus had to persist later in the project. However, we faced these challenges successfully and are proud of what we attained.

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