We took inspiration from existing tracking apps, mostly in the healthcare industry. Apps like Myfitnesspal are great ni practice but have a big problem. Users have to input everything they do and sometimes it's just too difficult. We were also inspired by TD on stage at the opening ceremonies and thought about how we could help students and others with practicing healthy finances.

What it does

Cashtrack allows you to create a budget and track your progress, but the real selling feature is how easy it is to input your spendings, earnings, etc. We did this using VoiceFlow.

How we built it

We used VoiceFlow as well as some external APIs to create this Alexa or Google skill. This would also integrate with an app we didn't have time to program.

Challenges we ran into

We are not coders so this was tough, but it was great trouble shooting and learning together. We tried really hard to do Firebase as its something we saw important, after hours of trying to learn Firebase integration we didn't have enough time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built this ourselves and can say we made an Alexa skill. We also solved a problem that we have and it feels really great to do so. We also look forward to telling our friends and have them use it as well.

What we learned

We learned how to use VoiceFlow, JS fundamentals, some swift, and team work & collaboration. Through workshops and such we also learned the endless possibilities of what we can achieve using some of the simplest solutions. We also learned how we can take our design expertise and apply it here.

What's next for Cashtrack

Get someone or continue to try to develop the app, and then share it with everyone to use. Possible integrate with banks or get bought out, and help see the future of healthy financials.

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