Long waiting periods ,lack of delivery men and Huge losses for E-commerce companies due to inefficient delivery methods.

How it works

We have made 2 Applications and 1 Accompanying application:

  1. CashOnDelivery: We implemented crowd sourcing deliveries for E-commerce companies like Flipkart, Amazon, etc. We verify details of the person by scanning the QR code on his/her Aadhar card. The current location and the Destination of the person is taken into account and an optimized list of packages available in order of relevance is given (best route to least desirable route i.e longest distance). We have added an OTP system to confirm deliveries. We have also added a theft detection system where a mail is sent to the respective E-commerce company if the package has not been delivered within 8 hours of booking. The company can then take the desired Legal action.
  2. Road Runner: The delivery guys are always on the run, going home to home or office to office delivering a variety of things to the customers. There have been various instances when they haven’t reached on time. It's not because they are inefficient, it is because of not taking the best route to the desired destination and also because of poorly prioritizing the deliveries. Hence we intend to design a reliable route planning Android application for the travelling professional. It thus helps you plan your daily route, schedule stops, and prioritize your daily deliveries based on destination and client availability. The routing software adjusts to real-time road conditions, equipping you with the most optimized route available. It provides the user to choose the optimized route either based on distance thus reducing the amount of fuel or an optimized route based on the traffic thus reducing the time taken for the delivery. We also took into account time windows when the Customers won't be available and plotted the most optimal route accordingly. This app thus comes in handy in reducing their time and cost of travel. End result: Your delivery is right on time!
  3. Package Adder: This is an accompanying app to CashOnDelivery used by the warehouse personnel to add packages just by scanning QR codes. ## Challenges I ran into
  4. In CashOnDelivery, we had the issue of the possibility of users stealing the packages.
  5. In Road Runner, our implementation of Travelling salesman problem with time constraints was a tough challenge and we had to resort to using a single time window for which the algorithm works like a charm . This algorithm has not been implemented yet by anyone ## Accomplishments that I'm proud of
  6. TSP With single time window. ## What I learned
  7. Server side
  8. Services and threads
  9. Material Design
  10. Various Google APIs ## What's next for CashOnDelivery Integrating with Aadhar API using which we will do background checks using the criminal records linked with the card.

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