We are bunch of hackers and engineers, who are keen to build the most practical solutions in IOT, robotics and machine learning. What we know for sure after one-year experience in competitions: best apps come from people’s everyday troubles. Firstly, we touched the floor with getting rid of annoying consultants at shop places. They often come not in the right time and disappear when we need them. Then we combined it with IOT and after receiving feedback from amazing partners (TEMPCOMP and Kesko - both) we came to the final idea, which profits customers and stores at the same time.

What it does?

CashMesh is a Bluetooth sensor network, combined with store lighting system. It allows tracking user movements inside shop facility and provides him with a small handy hintME! button to call consultants when customer really needs them. For sales person it displays all up-to-date information about products, special offers and troubled customer position in store. Based on customers’ movement throughout time, CashMesh utilizes Microsoft Azure to make a “heatmap” of store facility area to identify and optimize production placement for even better conversion.

How we built it?

The hintME! is a thin smartcard with one button and Bluetooth module. For tests we used Raspbery Pi3 with powerbank module and a button, assembled in a 3d-printed case. We viewed a lot of manuals and read half of Stackoverflow to find a viable technical option to build our product on. A mesh network of smart bulbs was built with help of Casambi modules (smart Bluetooth module from TEMPCOMP), iBeacons build in it and some Arduino units.


First challenge was to design a complex system, which can incorporate our vision in both appropriate hardware and software. Our team is rather experienced with hardware and embedded programming along with mechanical design and fast prototyping. However, we didn’t have a good frontend guy, so that was rather crucial challenge at the hackathon beginning. During the hack we had to make sure we have accurate coordinates of each shop customers, which was a rather hard task considering iBeacons tolerance.


We did a good job, because TempComp hardware was a real hard nut to crack. Nevermind, we could overcome all challenges and build a MVP with the best possible characteristics in this hackathon setting. We made an awesome frontend design, providing landing, salesman app and marketing heatmap pages.

What we learned?

Improved fast code prototyping from complete scratch, boosted our social skills (found an excellent frontend guy) and refined our market understanding.

Future steps for CashMesh

We really hope, that we will reach hearts and help to solve realworld problems that are still a burden for challenges providers. We are looking into possible and plentiful cooperation with any interested stakeholders.

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