We wanted to build a product to serve the growing number of startups and DAOs in the Solana community. After speaking with members of the community at DCentral, we realized that a multisignature wallet on Solana was a massive unmet need.

What it does

Cashmere is a multisignature wallet on Solana, enabling organizations to manage their funds securely and with ease. Our goal is to create a Phantom-like experience for managing treasuries with shared ownership.

Today with Cashmere, organizations can send and receive SOL and SPL tokens all in one place with peace of mind.

How we built it

Cashmere is based on the Project Serum multisig implementation and built on top of the Anchor framework. Our frontend is a React app.

Challenges we ran into

Our biggest challenges were around ramping up to the Solana & Rust ecosystem and debugging obscure bugs to do with account order. Fortunately we were able to find guidance in the Project Serum Discord and at the Chicago Hacker House.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

75% of Cashmere was built during the Chicago Hacker House after being challenged by Jordan to deploy to mainnet by the end of the week. The limits of our team were tested and we were proud that we hit our goal to deliver by the end of the week.

What we learned

We've learned a ton over the span of the month: Solana, Rust, Anchor, and web3.js, to name a few technologies. We've also learned the importance of community in the crypto world and the value in attending in-person Solana events.

What's next for Cashmere Wallet

Our goal for Cashmere is to become the only wallet that startups and DAOs need to manage their treasuries.

In the near term, we will building out NFT support, cross-chain compatibility with Wormhole, and a native integration with Wallet Adapter.

We also have a community Discord for our early users to ask questions. Join here!


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