• I always need to make sure I have dollar bills before boarding.
  • I always need to worry about renewing my clipper card.
  • VTA does not know who I am, how often I travel with them, how many miles, etc. Therefore, they can not reward me or provide a customized experience although I use VTA everyday to go to work.

What it does

  • The user first downloads the Cashless app for Android (iOS version coming soon).
  • User can add their payment information.
  • When the user comes close to the bus, Cashless detects the beacon in the bus and sends a push notification to the user.
  • User clicks on the bus icon and shows them the ticket. User can show the ticket to the coach.
  • VTA receives the data that the user has boarded the train including at which stop and which time the boarding happened. VTA also receives data when the user leave the bus (miles traveled, name of the stop and timestamp).

How I built it

  • We used Android and the Estimote beacons and the estimote Android SDK.

Challenges I ran into

  • Making the user experience intuitive because there is no such a product in the market.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Building an app that solves two big problems: 1- users won't need to carry cash or clipper cards, 2- VTA has data about what's happening in the bus so they can share it with me and improve their service.

What's next for cashless

  • Waiting for the challenge results and raising funds.

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