Taras often hang out with friends. They have a certain budget and don't necessary know what they can do for at most that. Maybe going for cheap beer is not the best option (all the time).

What it does

Tell us where you are and how much you can spend, we show your best options. We geolocalizes you. You tell us how much you have to spend. You can then see the interesting things to do around you on a 3d map and in a list with more details.

How we built it

We split the work in two parts :

  • First, getting the data from APIs, currently Meetup and Eventbrite (in python) and pushing it to Algolia
  • Then requesting it from Algolia client-side, using browser geolocation and the price given by the user, and presenting it in a fun way.

Challenges we ran into

We thought we would use a backend and database, but finally replaced it with Algolia. We had some troubles with the API inconsistency. Stay awake and keep the motivation up all night!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Stay awake and keep the motivation up all night! Ended up looking way better than we expected.

What we learned

Team work pays up. Some of us learned new languages.

What's next for cashify

World domination.

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