inspiration came to me very easily. I often go to the hypermarket for groceries, I did not like the fact that I lost a lot of time in the queue, therefore I decided to write an algorithm that would optimize cashiers ! :) I understood that there are peak hours when there are a lot of buyers, and there is a time where cashier are sitting idle. I contacted to this hypermarket IT department (one of the largest hypermarkets in our country, more that 80 hypermarkets). After some time, After a while, we agreed and signed documents that I will try to make a better decision. it turned out that before that they already had a similar system, but it did not work)

The problem

View from the client’s perspective:

  • it takes a lot of time while the client is standing and waiting for his turn at the checkout (~ 15 min on average). There is a high probability of client outflow.

View from the business perspective:

  • the company understands that if the number of cashiers is increased, then the customer waiting time will decrease. However, by increasing the number of cashiers the company does not come to satisfactory results; on the contrary, expenses increase due to an increase in payroll.

Challenges I ran into

We agreed that I will complete project in one month, but i spend about 6 month, because project was for real production, and there was many problems that i must to solve.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm glad that with a simple idea, the project turned into a really useful program, here is an example of saving money.

N branches x M employees x payroll x 12 months = total payroll expenses • It WAS 40 x 40 x 1000$ x 12 = 19 200 000 dollars per year • It BECAME 40 x 30 x 1000$ x 12 = 14 400 000 dollars per year • Benefit: 720 000 000 (decrease of payroll by ~ 25% )

What's next for Cashier optimization system,that reduces client wating time.

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